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Do you commute to work? Commuting in some parts of the world is a struggle, thus very stressful. But if we can introduce alternative ways for a healthy commute, won’t you try it?

In Metro Manila, Philippines, traffic congestion is very problematic. Commuters face this challenge all day long, almost 6 days a week. They commute 2 hours to work when in fact they can travel in less than 30 minutes only if there is no traffic congestion. Aside from that, the sky in this part of the Philippines is almost gray due to the pollution contributed by the millions of cars on the road every day.

To note, in its life span, every car  produces 1.3 billion cubic yards of polluted air. In addition, it spreads 40 pounds of worn tire particles, brake debris and worn road surface into the atmosphere. Can you imagine how much pollution cars contribute to the environment?


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Guess what? We are not doomed to commute by car alone. There are more alternative ways other than using motorized vehicles. That is why we have bicycles.

Bicycles like many other things that exist in the world, contribute to environmental pollution due to production. But it is nothing compared to the carbon footprint made by cars from production to actual usage. Moreover, a car has a total of 12,140.30 lbs/year (or 0.97 lbs/mile) emitted pollutants in a year.

To go bicycling means reducing transportation emissions, thus, reducing pollution. We can create a healthier commute if we ride our bicycles to reach our destinations. And most importantly, it can decongest our roads that already resemble a large parking lot.

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Benefits of Bicycles

The benefits of bicycles to humans and our environment are listed below.

  • Bicycles do not use fuel.
  • Bicycles require less energy to make than a car.
  • It doesn’t need toxic batteries or motor oil.
  • It reduces carbon emissions.
  • Just like exercising, you burn calories while biking.
  • You become more fit.
  • It decongests road traffic.
  • Most importantly, it is environment-friendly.

Can you imagine the world, dominated by bicycles? It really has great benefits. Imagining a city filled with bikers instead of cars is just wonderful. Fresh air instead of gray air and gray sky. A quiet place, instead of the noise from car horns. People-filled roads instead of congested roads due to cars. We can only imagine it and feel healthy. But riding a bike to work is possible. It can be every one’s advocacy to the environment.

Let’s make our world a happier and healthier place to live. Free from the stress of pollution and global warming. Let’s work on it, bicycles can be that change we need.

What are your thoughts about bicycles? Write it on the comment section below.

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