Fear Zombie Apocalypse & Climate Change?


Zombie Apocalypse and Climate Change – which is more fearful?

Zombie apocalypse. Doom’s Day. These are very popular movie & series themes these days. Who wouldn’t dread being chased by a gazillion of zombies? Of course, you’ll run for your life in search for a safe hiding place. In popular series like The Walking Dead, people go crazy escaping from zombies. The lucky uneaten ones, look for either an abandoned building or small village where they can build a new community. They try hard to establish a small community locked up from the gruesome flesh-eating zombies. So, they tend their own farm for their daily source of food. They continue to thrive until some persistent zombies get through their barricades. And they run off again in search for another hiding place.

Zombie Apocalypse
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The thought of a zombie apocalypse is already horrifying. But could it possibly happen? Well then, it does not seem like it will ever happen. But climate change is here, and it is a reality. We wake up one day, and we already feel the torments of global warming. There should be some fear within us. If we let climate change take its toll on us, we may find ourselves one day fighting over a piece of bread. Climate change brings immeasurable damage if we are unprepared. Seriously, the effects of climate change may not have fangs or sharp teeth but it can certainly kill.

But like the famous scenes from The Walking Dead, we can do something to fight it, if not escape from it. We can also do something so our community can thrive while taking advantage of our natural resources.

Visionary Home Farm in Singapore

This visionary design of Home Farm may be the answer to all our fears. This Home Farm was designed by Spark, an architectural firm in Singapore. It integrates food security and elder care in one design. Moreover, the concept design features an urban retirement housing with vertical urban farming. The building itself is sustainable. So, nobody will ever get hungry.


The building produces food for its inhabitants through aqua-phonic vertical farming. Thus, this design is really serious about community building and urban farming. Residents here also have the option to do farming as their part-time job. They can even sell the produce. In effect, they get additional income which they may use for health care and other purposes.

Moreover, agricultural waste in this community is not at all waste. They use it for their biomass plant. The vertical farms are also irrigated using collected rain water. Similarly, fish waste is used as organic fertilizer.

We have listed the components of this home farm below.

  1. apartments
  2. aquaphonic vertical farms
  3. soil-based linear farm
  4. produce market
  5. organic supermarket
  6. agriculture center
  7. void deck
  8. roof garden
  9. car park




Safe & Sustainable

Obviously, this home farm provides the basic needs of its inhabitants. The basic necessities are readily available. Most importantly, the community itself is green. And also sustainable.

Can you imagine yourself safe within this urban setting? Free from the effects of climate change. But if you still can’t get away with the thought of a zombie apocalypse, you can consider this as a safe hiding place.

On a serious note, to live fully is what we all aim to do, right? The threats of food security, health and safety are very frightening. It is aggravated by the arms of climate change. So, to think sustainable is truly essential for survival. On second thought, maybe a zombie apocalypse could really be possible. We may end up like zombies anyway. That is, if we take for granted the effects of climate change. We may end-up like living deads, eating human flesh for survival. If we take no actions to fight for our natural environment, I am afraid that will happen. The choice is ours. Always ours.

What can you say about zombies? I mean climate change and Sustainability? Tell us something on the comment section.

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