Global Practices for Climate Change Adaptation


3. Technology

Lastly, technology offers a concrete solution to climate change. To cite an example is the development of crop varieties. These crop varieties are adaptive to the extreme changing conditions of our climate which are called hybrid crops. These crops are made from an advanced form of biotechnology. Due to this technology, Southeast Asian countries like Bangladesh have used it to generate high yielding crops that withstand heavy rainfall and drought.

Other than the these, there are other more technologies like the ones listed below:

  • forecast and pre-warning technology of extreme weather events;
  • typical climate-sensitive ecosystem protection and remediation technology;
  • human health integrated adaptation technology, and many more.

Surely, these technologies are all geared towards adapting to the ever changing climate. Finally, there is also what is called mitigation technology but that is a separate topic that has to be discussed on a separate post.


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Climate change is unavoidable. However, we are fortunate that the world has substantially observed various kinds of effective measures about it. The government can even share these measures within and outside the country. For this reason, we can win against the negative cause of climate change. Then again, that is only possible if, we, as individuals would make a conscious effort to contribute to climate change adaption and mitigation. We have more than a hundred steps towards this. However, one small step is sure to bring us to achieving our common goal – to live a quality sustainable life.

What do you think of theses climate change adaptation practices? Share your thoughts below.


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