Have Yourself A Very Merry Eco-friendly Christmas


Why not make Christmas Eco-friendly?

Can you smell the Christmas air already? Of course you do, because it’s only 34 days left to a very merry Christmas! Indeed time flies soooo fast. But wouldn’t it be nice if we change how we celebrate the season? Why not make it a Christmas that is not only merry but also eco-friendly? Hence, we have gathered up practical tips to make this season, a sustainable one. Enjoy the ideas below.

Eco-friendly Christmas Tips

1. Use LED lights for holiday light displays instead of incandescent lights

If you still don’t know why we should all switch from traditional lights to LED lights, well, you should read this. LED lighting cuts down your cost. Can you imagine the electrical bill you’ll get at the end of all this celebrating when you use a non-LED holiday lighting? What a headache. But with LED, you sure get more savings than head aches. Aside from that, it is long lasting! You can re-use it every year for at least 6 amazing years. Very eco-friendly, right? Just right for an eco-friendly Christmas goal.


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2. Use E-Cards to cut down your greeting card footprint

E-cards comes instant and they are also eco-friendly. Why use them? Because they save trees and also money. It is estimated that 1.5 billion are thrown away in the US each year. So, why not go for an e-card instead of traditional cards? It is definitely cheaper and  you can have an eco-friendly Christmas too! Here are beautiful e-cards you may use for Christmas.



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3. Christmas tree from recycled materials


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Creating a Christmas tree out of recycled materials is a sure fun way to achieve an eco-friendly Christmas.  Your kids will surely love this. You can make a tree made from recycled paper, branches, or even planks. Your creativity will make it unique and eco-friendly too! Now you have a beautiful tree ready for an eco-friendly Christmas celebration. Fun, right?

Go for an Eco-friendly Christmas

Every body anticipates the Christmas season. It’s festivity brings joy and warmth to everyone’s heart. And it happens only once a year. So people tend to spend a little more during this time. But we can always have alternative ways to still have fun. Being eco-friendly could count as fun, right?

So maybe we can spread among our communities eco-friendly ways to have a Merry Eco-friendly Christmas. A Christmas that is light on the wallet and safe for the environment.

Do you have ideas of ways to make Christmas an eco-friendly celebration? Share it on the comment section below.

Maybe you have a sustainable project in mind for your community this Christmas. We can help you achieve that. Visit our Vest Energy Crowdfunding Site. Sign up for a campaign!

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