Nuclear Power for Climate Change?


The world should stir clear from the frightening impacts of nuclear power. Yes, it is cheap. Yes, it can lower greenhouse gas emissions. But, can we risk our safety and health for this? There can be more damage than benefit. Fear alone of another Chernobyl  and Fukushima tragedy is already distressing. There are alternative energy sources that are renewable and safe like the ones listed below:

  1. Solar Power

    The planet will always have access to solar power as long as the sun is alive. That will be approximately 6.5 billion years of unlimited supply.


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  1. Wind Power

    Like solar and hydro power, wind power is a clean source of renewable energy. It does not pollute water or air. Experts also predict that if the wind energy industry continues to boom, it will be the answer to a thirds of the world’s electricity by 2020.


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  1. Hydro Power

    It was in 1882 when the world’s first hydroelectric plant was built. To date,  one-fifth of the world’s energy is due to hydroelectric power. Aside from the electricity it can generate, hydro power plants can also offer recreational activities like swimming and boating.


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Experts believe that we need to have a cleaner planet. Nuclear power may be clean but is it safe? That makes nuclear energy a very controversial issue. Thus, it is not an ideal energy source. However, nature offers us clean renewable and safe alternative to nuclear power – solar, wind, and hydro power.

Surely, technology plays a great role in achieving a cleaner safe environment. But of course, it should be carefully thought out. It must make our lives GREENER & SAFER. Greener & safer without the consequences of  fear and havoc.

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