A Sustainable Hotel for An Eco-friendly Vacation


Sustainable Vacations

Are we actually aware that everybody contributes to environment degradation? Every activity and every move almost always affects our world. From the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the shampoo we use, and even the vacations we avail. We contribute something ugly and damaging to our environment. Therefore, we must be very conscious with our day to day activities if we truly care for Mother Earth.

Everyone enjoys a vacation. Who wouldn’t? Hence, we enjoy the feel of a relaxing hotel away from our homes. Ahh! The feeling of a cozy bed and the smell of  the clean sheets are very relaxing. Can you imagine it? But by merely enjoying, we also unknowingly add to environmental pollution. Why is that? And How is that even possible?

Sustainable Practices

Those clean smelling sheets may have used a detergent that is harmful to the environment. Or, that hotel bed material on its own may have a large carbon footprint during its production. Meanwhile, the hotel on its own may not even have eco-friendly practices. However, we may also be clueless of these practices. But sadly, ignorance is never an excuse. Thus, we have gathered a list of eco-friendly ideas a hotel must practice to be sustainable.

  1. The hotel has earned a green hotel certification.
  2. Every hotel staff participates in environment-friendly practices such as switching off lights and switching down heating/air conditioning in unoccupied rooms, and the likes.
  3. There is a linen (towels & sheets)  re-use program in all guest rooms.
  4. The hotel uses rainwater harvesting or grey water system to conserve water.
  5. The hotel uses energy star appliances and fixtures such as, toilet bowls, lighting, and air conditioning units.
  6. It uses renewable energy like solar panels or wind turbines.
  7. It encourages recycling by providing guest rooms and public areas with recycler baskets for paper, glass, etc.
  8. The hotel restaurant is a  Certified Green Restaurant that uses organic locally grown foods.
  9. The hotel buys and uses environmental products that are either organic or recycled.
  10. Finally, the hotel must also encourage its guests to still be sustainable even after their stay at the hotel.

This is just a few of the many ways a hotel can be sustainable or green. There a hundred more brilliant ways we can adopt. And most importantly, even non-hotel establishments can also be green. We only need to take a conscious effort to help our environment. It is fun to be sustainable, really.

Nice Sustainable Hotels

And so, we have listed some of the few green/sustainable hotels you can visit in the future. Here they are:

1. hub by Premier Inn a concept hotel brand that features modern technology and great value hotel design.


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2. Boutiquehotel Stadthalle – first hotel in Vienna to be awarded the EU Ecolabel in 2007.


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3. InterContinental Sydney – winner of Green Hotelier Awards 2016 in Asia Pacific


Image Source

We all want to relax once in a while. But we will appreciate moments like this all the more when we spend it wisely. Being environmentally conscious takes a lot of practice. So, we should begin NOW. Let’s be sustainable and green in our own ways.

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  1. Wow! I would love to stay at one! They are not only beautiful (just like that one in Sydney) but I like that they are environment friendly. I also like that they use organic ingredients in their food.

  2. I love how the Boutiquehotel Stadthalle is literally green with plants hahaha. Hopefully Manila gets one soon. I think Hostels in the provinces here are somewhat green accommodations. But Metro Manila seriously needs hotels like these!

  3. I have recently staid in an eco friendly hotel in Malta, the Hilton, and I was surprised that such a massive hotel can run sustainability programs and recycle almost all the water they use.

  4. Wow, I hope they get all hotels to be eco friendly as soon as possible! Of all the eco friendly hotels you listed I love the hub by Premier Inn, looks so slick, modern and simple, my kind of taste :))

  5. I adore business establishments who took time to have a friendly approach to our one and only Mother Earth. The hotel lists shared are worthy for more exposure. Makes you want to stay here also. – Ann (www.annyamagishi.com)

  6. Eco-friendly hotels are nice to have in Manila. I wish there will be something like those you mentioned here. It’s helping Mother Nature if everybody gets aware and act their part in conserving natural resources.

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