The Devastating Take of Trump on Climate Change


The controversial Trump on climate change

Trump on climate change: “It is a hoax”.  That is Trump’s controversial take on climate change during the US Presidential campaign. What is more disheartening? He also promised to abandon the Paris Climate Agreement signed in 2015 by President Obama and 200 more countries. It may happen soon that Trump will easily dump the climate deal.

Trump on Climate Change: It is a hoax!
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Paris Climate Agreement

The Paris Agreement aims to bring all nations into a common cause to undertake ambitious efforts to fight climate change and adapt to its effects.

It will also be accompanied with enhanced support in assisting developing countries to implement such efforts.

The world has also pledged voluntarily to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. But these are just voluntary pledges.  They can just walk away. In our previous blog post here , we have discussed the importance of climate change policies and the participation of other nations in the cause to fight climate change and global warming. If it can be so easy for Trump to just dump the climate deal, what will happen next?


Paris Agreement
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What may happen if Trump dumps the climate deal

Environmental groups strongly believe that the entire world could succeed without the US. However, there are still consequences that the world could face if Trump decides to dump the climate deal. We list its possible consequences below.

  1. It will be difficult to get buy-in on tougher cut backs from many developing countries in need of cheap energy without the encouragement and support from the US.
  2. If the US walks away from the Paris commitment, the $100 billion-a-year fund grant to developing countries who join the Paris deal will appear as if it is a trap.
  3. Lastly, Trump may either walk away or stay with the Paris Climate Deal. However, he may decide to just completely abandon President Obama’s domestic climate change strategy. The Clean Power Plan that requires US power companies to reduce emissions may be completely dropped. Easy as that.

So yes, this is Trump on climate change. His personal views on climate change will greatly affect US. Well, even the entire world.  So, could it be devastating? Yes it could be. Then, what could we do as a nation to prevent the onset of its consequences?

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