Top 3 Countries on Climate Change Preparedness


Climate Change Preparedness and Strategies

Climate change is upon us. Its threats are frightening which can definitely result to massive destruction unless we make ways to be prepared from it. Isn’t  it right to tell that our future is upon us? We can sit all day. We continue with our lives and forget there’s such a thing as global warming and climate change. But of course, no! We cannot afford to do nothing. EVERY ONE MUST PREPARE. We need to cope with the dangers of climate change. Fortunately, yes! Our world is taking a leap to climate change preparedness.

Below are 3 of the countries that ranked best in climate change preparedness.


1. Norway 

Norway ranked 1st in climate change preparedness. That is based on ND-Gain Index. It is the world’s leading annual index which ranks countries based on, first, their vulnerability to climate change and; second, their readiness to adjust to natural disasters caused by climate change. So, this recognizes Norway’s efforts in addressing climate change and its inevitable effects.

Investing in technology is also an important factor to achieve climate change preparedness. Norway has the world’s first full-scale floating wind turbine in Karmøy.

The world’s first ever full-scale floating offshore wind turbine in Karmøy, Norway
©Image Source
Norway’s electric cars join the road traffic
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Other than technology, Norway has successfully implemented policies that focus on reducing global warming. That includes a policy that gives citizens tax incentives to purchase electric vehicles. To date, Norway has 25,000 electric vehicles on the road. These electric vehicles are 100% eco-friendly because they do not emit toxic gases in the environment.

These outstanding efforts of Norway are due to science. This is a research-based approach to climate change preparedness. Therefore, Norway’s strategies are a result of thorough study and understanding of its environment. That explains their success in climate change preparedness.  Other countries should see this as an example. These efforts do not only affect Norway but the entire globe.




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