Top 3 Countries on Climate Change Preparedness


2. Finland

Finland hits the second list on climate change preparedness. Environmental protection is the country’s primary focus to combat climate change. It is the result of their understanding that nature can be slow in recovering from the damage of climate change. So, it is important to be conscious about critical ecological thresholds.

Restoration. Mitigation. Adaptation. These are vital elements to climate change preparedness.

One of the major problems of Finland is eutrophication. Eutrophication is an excessive richness of nutrients in a body of water, mostly due to runoff from the land. This causes a dense growth of plant life which results in death of animal life due to lack of oxygen. Massive algal blooms occurred in the Gulf of Finland, hence this became one of their very first focal points.  Although over time, this body of water can recover on its own, Finland takes ecological restoration measures to solve it. This includes, selective fishing and oxygenation by removal of aquatic vegetation.

Due to the ecological restoration efforts of Finland, 80% of the total area of its lakes is classified as excellent in quality. This is just one of the many efforts of Finland in climate change preparedness. They cannot stop because these efforts are vital. Other countries should recognize Finland’s measures and use the same tools to fight the harsh effects of climate change.



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Finland’s excellent water quality due to its restoration efforts
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