Top 3 Countries on Climate Change Preparedness


3. Sweden

Since 1960s and 1970s, Sweden had initiated proactive moves to its depleting natural environment. As a result, it earned its reputation as an environmental pioneer. It has led many innovative solutions for a more sustainable planet. Thus, it has investments for clean energy technologies such as bio fuels, smart grids, and carbon capture & storage. Of course, these efforts definitely make up for Sweden’s climate change preparedness.

To cite as a concrete example of Sweden’s sustainable efforts on climate change, is the city of Malmö. This city has adopted a technology which uses  an aquifer thermal energy storage system to store water collected in summer. And then pump it up with wind energy to heat the homes in winter. Moreover, the chilled water cools down the buildings during summer.  In effect, Malmö has become a carbon-neutral neighborhood in Sweden.

City of Malmö
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Illustration of aquifer-based heating and cooling system
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Obviously, Sweden puts extra effort in keeping a sustainable country. In fact, this country uses 52% of renewal energy that makes it the highest percentage of renewable energy in the European Union.


Norway, Finland, and Sweden as Our World’s Model

You may notice that Norway, Finland, and Sweden are western countries. This is because western countries contribute largely to climate degradation. So it is obvious why they take big leaps to restore our environment. Thus, they deserve to be recognized.

Ultimately, we must take climate change seriously. Norway, Finland, and Sweden should be our models. Its contributions and efforts are effective. Let’s do it. Let us follow their steps to climate change preparedness. There is no other time but NOW!

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